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According to Mind HK's research, 61% of Hongkongers have poor mental well-being. Asking #HowOkayAreYou can make a difference.​

Launched on World Mental Health Day 2019, Mind HK asks #HowOkayAreYou. We flip the script on an age old question to encourage all Hongkongers to reflect on their true feelings, talk more honestly about how “okay” they are and inspire people to have daily conversations with each other about their mental well-being. It’s time to break the stigma, and talking about mental health is the key; we're here to make this easier. 


We have developed our How to Ask digital guide to help you talk to friends, family and colleagues about their mental well-being. To make starting the conversation easier and more comfortable, we’ve partnered with a team of local illustrators to create a series of #HowOkayAreYou WhatsApp messaging stickers that allow you to connect, express emotion and encourage action towards positive next steps.  We hope that these new tools empower you with a new approach and the confidence to make checking in a daily habit.


Be part of the solution. Make a pledge to check in on others by asking #HowOkayAreYou and start the all-important conversations about mental health today. 


Make a Pledge

“I pledge to ask #HowOkayAreYou and join Mind HK’s movement to confront the stigma surrounding mental health by having honest conversations about the way I feel and asking others how they feel."

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